Wednesday, June 8, 2016

ღ C88 first trip ღ

                                      ღ My first trip to C88 

I made my first trip to C88, so much cuteness i will have to break it down into maybe two- three trips, but i will blog each trip!

This trip i found this cute outfit from Addams, The button down top with the bra underneath and these cute rocker jeans! i love that the bra comes with a bunch of different color options, for the bra itsself, and then the outline and the bows, The jeans you can change the stripe down the side and the zipper and metal colors, I looove animal print, so i am glad a few animal print colors were included! They fit and look amazing on the Maitreya body!

I had to grab up these adorable heels from Reign, again they come as a fatpack customization, for really cheap!! Blueberry colors to match with all your favorite blueberry clothes, they are just to adorable, i love the lace up in the front with the open toe! they are a must add to your shoe collection!

                    ↝ Teleport to C88 ↝ Teleport to C88 Cam Shopping Sim 

                                                     ღ Credits 

   Top and Pants- Tina Shirt & Rocker Zipper jeans- Addams @ C88
                                 Shoes- Olivia Heels- Reign @ C88

ღ Getting Ready for Summer ღ

 ღ FaMeshed Trip  ღ

FaMeshed this round is a must check out! so much cuteness to get you ready for summer!

Vinyl has released this cute outfit with a bustier top and light weight skirt, which will be fun for the sun! It comes in many colors, and options for the beads on the top, 

Reign released these adorable sandals that you can match with almost any summer outfit, bikini, whatever you could possibly think of!  they come in a fat pack hud, to match blueberry colors.. so worth the money!!

Glam Affair has released this flower headband, i am usually not big on headbands, but this is so cute to mix with your summer dresses or different outfits! adds some character to your final look :)! comes in a few different colors, for easy matching with almost any outfit of your choosing! 

ღ Credits ღ
Top & Skirt- Charlotte Skirt & Marina Bustier- Vinyl @ FaMeshed
Sandals- Kiko Flats- Reign @ FaMeshed
Headband- Boho Headband- Glam Affair @ FaMeshed

Thursday, June 2, 2016

ღ My Trip to Whimsical ღ

ღ My Trip to Whimsical ღ

So i never heard of this event before, but after being bored and wanting to shop a few days ago, i stumbled upon a Semi new event, called Whimsical, It was a beautifully landscaped sim, filled with tons and tons of great designers, a mix of shopping and Gachas. It looked like the event may run every 3 months, It is a must check out event! so worth the time and money!! I will show you a few things i accumulated from the event :)! 

First is this amazingly done dress by Vinyl + Azuchi collaboration, They did amazing work on it, and the textures and the colors!, its Flirty, sexy fun!, I bought it in black, but it comes in many colors, and each color comes with a color change hud, to change the Bustier part and the lace down the front, so many different color options to choose from, and you can mix and match. I have shown you a few of the color options, along with a mix and match :), This dress is total worth adding to your wardrobe!

The next item is these adorable heels by Vinyl + Azuchi collaboration, they match with the dress, very well made and textured and look amazing on your feet! i got them in black, and there is many different colors, and each color comes with a color change hud just like the dress, you can change the ruffle part and the strap, they also give you a few options for inside the shoe, and the metals on the shoe, Many different color options, and mix and match for these shoes to match the dress colors! 

I also grabbed this hair, It is a cute gacha hair by Doe. I love braids, and the braid on this looks awesome, it somewhat has that messiness to it, its great for summer, and lazy jammie day!, She did a great job on making this hair.. The gacha contains many color packs! So worth a spot in your inventory to add it to your collection of hair if your a hair lover like myself!!

                                                               ღ Credits ღ
                                        Mesh Body: Maitreya - Onyx LeShelle
                                      Mesh Head: Annie- Catwa- Catwa Clip
                               Mesh Hands: Elegant 1- Slink- Siddean Munro 
                       Skin: Kim Catwa Appliers Mixed Type- DeetaleZ-  Steffi Villota
                                    Eyes: Hope Charity eyes- Ikon- Ikon Innovia
                         Hair ( 1st pic): The evening lights- Exile- Kavar Cleanslate
                 Hair (2nd pic): Emerson Gacha hair- Doe- Helyanwe Vindaloo @ Whimsical 
                                  Nose Ring: Diamond Septum Clicker- Punch- Celandria
         Dress: Dyne Vintage- Vinyl + Azuchi- Sukoshitosuto & Sopheemojo - @ Whimsical
           Shoes: Khaela- Vinyl + Azuchi- Sukoshitosuto & Sopheemojo - @ Whimsical

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ღ Store's List ღ

                ღ ღ Store List that i know, with inworld slurls or MP Links  ღ ღ

So i get asked a lot if i know of any good stores, for many different things, Or there is stores that people never heard of, and everyone needs a chance to be known, helped out with promoting, so i am going to make a list of stores that i know by name, have shopped at, or stores i found on MP in my many searches.. I will also try to list what they design, Clothes, Skins, hair Etc.. I will add more stores as i think of them, or find them!! I will also try to keep up to date with their location, but as you know stores move and sometimes you dont realize.. hope this is helpful!!

                                                               ∙ A ∙
                                       Addams - Clothes-AmaliaRainwood Resident
                        Alchemy- Skins, home & garden, pets- Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum
                                        Analog Dog - Hair - Queue Marlowe
                                          Alice Project - Hair - Aliceproject
                                 Atomic- Accessories, Clothes- Crushed Clarity
                           AITUI - Mesh ears, Tattoo's, Accessories- Jesseaitui Petion
                          Aphrodite - Furniture, food, Cafe - Jaylin Whitewood
                         Apple Fall- Furniture, Decor- Warehousefifteendesigns
                                      ARIA- Furniture, Decor- Yelo Uriza
                                       A.D.D. Andel- Decor- Andel Rhiadra
                                       Alterego- Skins- Toxxic Rhiannyr
                                       Ariskea- Furniture, Decor- Diaxm

                                                               ∙ B ∙

                                        Blueberry- Clothes - Blueberryxx
                                    Birdy- Skins- Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum
                                     BAIASTICE- Clothing- Sissy Pessoa
                                        [ba]- Homes- Barnesworth Anubis
                                   Bad Eddy's- Furniture- BadEddy Resident
                                             Besom- Hair- Kattington
                                              Burley- Hair- Bella Earst
                                    Black Lace- Lingerie- Mariska Simons
                                   Belleza- Skin, Mesh Body- Tricky Boucher

                                                               ∙ C ∙
                                     Catwa- Mesh heads, Hair - Catwa Clip
                                      Cheeky Pea- Furniture- Isla Gealach
                                 Cozy- Homes, Furniture,Decor- Paige Raven
                                           Cae- Jewelry- Caelan Hancroft
                                        Clawtooth- Hair- Bubbles Clawtooth
                                       Candydoll- Clothes- Rebeca Dembo

                                                               ∙ D ∙
                                          DeetaleZ- Skins- Steffi Villota
                                   Dutchie- Furniture- Froukje Hoorenbeek
                                    Dust Bunny- Homes, Decor- lxlnoel
                                          Doe- Hair- Helyanwe Vindaloo
                                           Di'Cor- Furniture- olga012
                                       Digs- Furniture- Iris Maskelyne
                                       DeLa- Hair- Kuranosuke Kamachi
                                 Dirty Princess- Clothes, Shoes- Skyler Lebed
                                         Dead Dollz- Clothes- Kiddo Oh
                          Decoy- Clothing, Shoes, Accessories- Annette Voight
                            David Heather- Clothes, Accessories- Gianni Broda

                                                               ∙ E ∙
                                          Erratic-Clothes-  Erratic Rain
                                            Exile- Hair- Kavar Cleanslate
                                  EarthStones - Jewelry- Abraxxa Anatine
                                     Essenz- Shoes- Senzati0n Domenitzo
                                                 elua- Hair- Miu Edman
                                            Entwined- Hair- Vivienmarli
                                        Elikatira- Hair- Elikapeka Tiramisu

                                                               ∙ F ∙
                                  Foxes- Clothes- Nina Helix & Tyr Rozenblum
                               Fanatik- Buildings, landscaping & Clothes - Kendra Zaurak
                                                FLite- Shoes-  Liamcole
                                          Flowey- Clothes- flutter.memel
                                 Shoes- Darling Monday
                              FashionNatic- Male/Female Clothes- Ellen Moonites
                                FD- Clothes, Accessories, Hair, Skins - Toast Bard
                                       Floor Plan- Furniture- Tegan Serin

                                                               ∙ G ∙

                                     Glam Affair- Skins - Aida Ewing
                                          Gizza- Clothes- Giz Seorn
                                        Gawk- Clothes- Mell Mcmahon

                                                               ∙ H ∙
                                     Half Deer- Decor, Animals- Halogen Magic
                                       HPMD- Landscaping- yuyu Flores

                                                               ∙  I ∙
                                                  Ikon- Eyes- Ikon Innovia
                                            IONIC- Decor - lakua Arriaga
                            IZZIE'S- Skins, Clothes, Accessories- Izzie Button
                                              Ison- Clothes- Harry Hyx

                                                               ∙  J ∙
                                   Just BECAUSE- Clothes - Annie Melson
                                                JD- Shoes- Davidefre
                                            JCNY- Jewelry- JD Hansen
                                     JIAN Co- Animals, Pets- Kalia Firelyte

                                                               ∙ K ∙
                                 Kalopsia- Decor,Furniture- Isabeau Baragula
                              Kibitz- Accessories, Jewelry- Kathya Szczepanski
                                           Kitja- Clothes- Kitja Rexie
                                                 Keke- Decor- Kean Kelly
                            Katat0nik- Poses, Random Stuff- Katat0nik Pidgeon

                                                               ∙  L ∙
                                 Lelutka- Mesh heads, Hair- Minnu Palen
                              THE LOFT- Furniture- Colleen Desmoulins
                                     Little Bones- Clothes- Nova Faerye
                                       Lara Hurley -Skins- Lara Hurley
                                  Loud Mouth- Mesh Lips- Brias Stardust
                                               Letis Tattoo's- Leti Hax
                              Little Branch- Landscaping- Cari McKeenan
                                     LaGyo- Jewelry- Gyorgyna Larnia
                                    Lisp-Furniture,Decor- Pandora Popstar  
                                      League- Skins, Clothes- Nena Janus
                                              Lamb- Hair- Lamb Bellic

                                                               ∙ M ∙
                    Maitreya- Clothes, Hair, Shoes, Mesh Body- Onyx LeShelle
                                          Magika- Hair - Sabina Gully
                                         MOON- Hair - Silent Acoustic
                            Mandala- Jewelry, Accessories- Kikunosuke Eel
                               MudHoney- Furniture, Decor- Rayvn Hynes
                                  MishMish- Animals,Decor- Aime Takaaki
                                     Mon Cheri- Clothes- freya Olivieri
                             Miss Chelsea- Clothes- Coral Lacey & Davidefre
                               Move- Dances, Animations- jasonbodylanguage

                                                               ∙ N ∙
                                          Nail It Good- Nail Polish- Freyablake
                                             N-core- Shoes- Claire Messenger
                                                 Neve- Clothes- Coldlogic
                                    NOMAD- Games, Novelties- Piraiyah Novikov

                                                               ∙ O ∙
                                             Oleander- Hair- Bailee Oleander
                                              Oracul/Kuso - Ao's- Daiz Papp
                                                   Olive- Hair- Naminaeko

                                                               ∙ P ∙
                                          Pink Fuel- Skins- Mochi Milena
                                             pr!tty- Hair- Karla Marama
                       Pure Poison- Shoes, Accessories, Poses, Skins- Shaleene Kenin
                                      Paper arrow co- Clothes- Paperarrow
                                         PerveTTe- Tattoo's- Lanna Cobalt
                            Pixel Mode- Furniture, Decor- Tya Fallingbridge
                                      Pilot- Furniture, Decor- Kaz Nayar
                                           PUNCH- Peircings- Celandria
                          Pink Acid- Animals, Accessories-  Pinkacidstore
                                              Pixicat- Clothes- Areve
                    Poppycock- Animations, Accessories, Clothing- Julliette Bade

                                                               ∙ Q ∙

                                                               ∙ R ∙
                                 Reign- Shoes- Kenadeecole & Illy Miami
                         ROOST- Homes, Decor, Landscaping- RoostHomes
                   Random Matter- Jewelry, Accessories, Decor- Nikohl Hax
                                      Reckless- Tattoo's- Landon Mode
                             RealEvil- Jewelry, Accessories- Crashnoww
                    Redgrave- Skins, Clothes, Accessories- Emilia Redgrave
                                              ROC- Shoes- Roscee
               Rebel Hope- Clothes, Wedding gowns, tux, Accessories - Rebel Hope
                                       Runaway- Hair- Candela Kira
                                  RICIELLI- Clothes- Fhara Acacia

                                                               ∙ S ∙
                       Slink- Mesh Body,Mesh hands/Feet Shoes- Siddean Munro
                            The Skinnery- Skins, Eyes- Umazuma Metaluna
                                 SPELL- Accessories, Decor- lakua Arriaga
                                    Sway's- Furniture, Decor- Sway Dench
                              Stockholm&Lima- Funiture- Surrealia Anatine
                          Scarlet Creative- Buildings, Decor- Charlotte Bartlett
                          Sari-Sari- Poses, Random stuff- AbbyAnne Resident
                                      Stories&Co- Clothes- Flutter Memel
                            Sync'd Motion Capture- Dances, Animations- Syncd
                                          SAKIDE- Clothes- Kinu Mayako
                                             Spirit- Clothes- Spirit Osmus
            The Sugar Garden- Skins, Clothes, Accessories, eyes- Eilfie Sugarplum

                                                               ∙ T ∙
                                    Tee*fy- Clothes- Azure Electricteeth
                Tableau Vivant - Male Skins - Female & Male hair- M4ri1yn Magic
                                       Tarte- Furniture, Decor- Alixxbella
                                                .Things.- Tattoo's - nheria
                                      Taox- Tattoo's- 0claudia0 Novaland
                                   Tres Blah- Clothes- Julliette Westerburg
                               The Secret Store- Clothes,Shoes- Maylee Oh
                                          taketomi- Hair- Bella Earst
                                               Tutys Mocap- Ao's- tutys
                                                 Truth- Hair- Truth Hawks
                                         Trompe Loeil- Furniture- Cory Edo

                                                               ∙ U ∙
                      unKindness- Decor- Jamie Rozenberg & Poe Rozenberg
                           United Colors- Clothes, Shoes- Unitedcolorsteam

                                                               ∙ V ∙
                                          Vinyl- Clothes- Sukoshitosuto
                                        VALE KOER- Shoes- Bob Resident
                                   Valentina E- Clothes- Valentinaevangelista
                                  Violent Seduction- Shoes, Clothes- iki Akiri
                                         Vista- Ao's, Dances- Vista Barnes
                                    Consignment- Furniture- ValiantCo Resident

                                                               ∙ W ∙
                              What Next- Furniture, Decor- Winter Thorn
                                Wasabi Pills- Hair- MissAllSunday Lemon

                                                               ∙  X ∙

                                                               ∙  Y ∙
                                     Yummy- Jewelry- Polyester Partridge

                                                               ∙  Z ∙
                                             zerkalo- Decor- Anaisterpellie
                                              Zaara- Zaara- Zaara Kohime
                                            Zenith- Clothes- Miffyhoi Rosca

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

ღ Blueberry Newness!! ღ

ღ Newness from Blueberry! ღ
I absolutely Adore Blueberry! her style of clothes ranges in so many different styles, from fun and cute, Sexy, flirty to bad ass chick, to lazy day fun!, and her clothes fit many different mesh bodies perfectly! 

Just a few days ago on Saturday, she released this adorable little jean skirt, 14 different normal jean colors and 10 ombre jean colors!! The skirts do come with Optional Panties ad-on, which is awesome! These are a must have for your summer wardrobe! so many shirts match with them!!

ღ Credits ღ
Mesh Body: Maitreya - Onyx LeShelle
Mesh Head: Annie- Catwa - Catwa Clip
Skin- Kim Catwa Appliers Mixedtype- Deetalez - Steffi Villota
Eyes: Hope Charity eyes- Ikon - Ikon Innovia
Ears: Gen 4 heart plugs- Aitui - Jesseaitui Petion
Nails: Set 24 - Encore - Tracy Scofield
Nose Ring: Diamond Septum Clicker - Punch - Celandria
Arm Band: Oakley Gacha set- Blueberry- Blueberryxx
Hair: Girlfriend in a Coma- Clawtooth - Bubbles Clawtooth

Skirt: Roma Denim Vox- Blueberry - Blueberryxx
Top: Leign Bustier - Luxe Box & website - Blueberry - Blueberryxx

ღ Uber Shopping Trip ღ

ღ My Uber shopping trip!! ღ
So i decided to go check out the newest round of Uber, i surprisingly got in on my second try! i was excited, and i found a few cute items that i just adore!!, 

My first buy was the two new TRUTH hair's, both hairs pictured above are the newest for uber, they are very cute and fun for summer, the long down hair one also comes with a hat version!! 

My second buy was these cute new bikini's from Vinyl, They come in many different designs, and also a cover for over the top, The cover can be many colors, and also has a graphic option and each set comes with a different graphic, also the strings on the bikini are color change as well!

My third buy was these adorable sandals from JD, they are shin length and have cute little feathers on the back, they fit amazingly! and come in a few different colors!!

These three items are defiantly something to check out and add to your summer wardrobe! along with other amazing designers and their creations! This round of Uber was defiantly a great one and if you have not been to Uber yet, i recommend checking it out!!

ღ Credits ღ
Mesh Body- Maitreya - Onyx LeShelle
Mesh head- Annie- Catwa - Catwa Clip
Skin- Kim Catwa Applier Mixedtype- Deetalez - Steffi Villota
Eyes: Hope-Charity- Ikon - Ikon Innovia
Ears: Gen 4 Heart Plugs- Aitui - Jesseaitui Petion
Hands: Elegant 1- Slink - Siddean Munro
Tattoo: Aurya - .Things. - Nheria
Nail: Set 24- Encore - Tracy Scofield
Nose Rings : Diamond Septum Clicker & Heart Nose stud - Punch - Celandria
Rings: Maya Ring set- Kibitz - Kathya Szczepanski
Arm Band- Oakley Gacha set- Blueberry - Blueberryxx

Hair: Truth Elira & Fenella- @ ~Uber~ - Truth Hawks
Bikini: Vinyl Roe bikini Black- @ ~Uber~ - Sukoshitosuto
Sandals: JD Aldo Black- @  ~Uber~ - Davidefre

ღ Little about me ღ

                                                            ღ Hello Lovey's ღ
↝ My name is Jayleay, you can just call me Jay though, I used to blog for many years but decided to venture away from it for a little while, as it got to be much, with all that i had going on in RL, but now that i have time, here i am, back to blogging, but decided to start all new and fresh and work my way up in the blogging world..

I have many different styles that i am excited to share, and to share my favorite stores, events, and things about my secondlife! I am not only here to blog fashion, but anything that i find fun, exciting, and interesting about secondlife, or from my every day life/ experience about SL.

I have been tossing up the idea to do a mix of Photo blogs/ Vblogs.. i am not set on a decision yet, but i think the idea of a V-blog is awesome, i can relay my personality more and my love for the items i blog, and you will get a 3D picture of the items i am trying to blog.. i will decide later down the road,

So a little about me, i looooove to shop! i have many different styles, from Girly, sporty, rockerish, punkish, business work professional, to lazy day at home, sexy night, to sexy bedtime, it all depends on my mood, so be prepared to see my many styles, im sure there will be a style for everyone to love!

I was born Nov 1990, i live in PA, i am a stay at home mom of two little girls.. i have been on SL since 2006, i started blogging back in 2014, but stopped early 2015 for RL.. I love to take pictures, shop, and make poses.. I have a beautiful family, and family means the world to me,

That is a little about me, and you will learn more about me as my blog goes on.. but here is my contact information :)

Inworld ( KairiHarper)

ღ Much love and Huggs ღ